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National Zoo entrance on Connecticut Avenue

Photo by Diane S Murphy

The District Department of Transportation has halted pedestrian-based enhancements to Connecticut Avenue NW, an organizer of the group pushing for the improvements said. (more…)


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Street lights

The city will install this model of street light in Cleveland Park. Photo courtesy of DDOT.

The District Department of Transportation will replace the street lights in one of Cleveland Park’s commercial areas this summer with lights that have a historic appearance. (more…)

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The mother of a John Eaton Elementary School student hit by a driver in a Cleveland Park crosswalk has asked the city to punish drivers more strictly for hitting pedestrians. (more…)

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The Klingle Valley Bridge on Connecticut Avenue

Photo by NCinDC

Four citizens associations will join to host a forum about Connecticut Avenue Northwest pedestrian safety initiatives Tuesday in Cleveland Park. (more…)

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Two cups of FroZenYo frozen yogurt

Photo by karindalziel

FroZenYo, a self-serve frozen yogurt restaurant, has opened a location across from the National Zoo. (more…)

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Connecticut Avenue Northwest and Woodley Road Northwest

Connecticut Avenue Northwest and Woodley Road Northwest. Photo by vpickering.

A report commissioned by Connecticut Avenue Pedestrian Action recommends improvements to pedestrian crossing signals, vehicle speed reductions, improved visibility for pedestrians and motorists and a wide range of other changes to improve pedestrian safety on upper Connecticut Avenue Northwest.


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Palena Market, a new section of Palena Restaurant, and Ardeo + Bardeo, the renovation and combination of Ardeo and Bardeo, both opened last week. (more…)

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